We were established to support clients who are committed to conducting business globally with respect for human rights. We provide commercially savvy and socially sustainable legal solutions.

Listening to all sides

Taking inspiration from the Latin phrase “audi alteram partem” (“listen to the other side”), we aim to promote meaningful engagement between our clients and their stakeholders.

Peaceful resolution of disputes

Taking our name from the Latin words “pax” (for “peace”) and “ius” (for “right”), we aim to bring peace to the relationship between business and human rights.


Principled and pragmatic

We are committed to promoting and protecting human rights, while maintaining a pragmatic attraction to solutions that engage commercial interests and actually improve lives.

Informed and insightful

We take a multidisciplinary approach to the complex relationship between business and society, combining expert insight with imaginative horizon-scanning about the future of the law.

Authentic and independent

We focus on our clients’ best interests, while remaining true to our own values and giving frank advice unimpeded by convention or commercial conflicts.

Inclusive and collaborative

We acknowledge others in their otherness, both as a fundamental part of our methodology serving our clients and in the way we work together as a team and with our local partners.