Suzanne Spears speaking at Building Bridges Week


4-8 October 2022

Suzanne Spears speaking at Building Bridges Week

Building Bridges is a joint initiative, launched in 2019 by Swiss public authorities, the finance community, the United Nations and other International partners to accelerate the transition to a global economic model aligned with the SDGs.  The 2022 Building Bridges Week will take place from 4-6 October in Geneva.

Suzanne Spears will speak on Wednesday, 5 October 2022, on a panel entitled “Measuring Human Rights for Investors.”

The ‘S’ in ESG covers many aspects, including human rights. It faces greater measurement challenges than the ‘E’ in ESG. Data on companies’ social performance is typically in short supply and not very robust. In this panel, we will discuss how banks currently address these challenges to advance Human Rights.

This panel is sponsored by the Geneva Center for Business & Human Rights at the University of Geneva.